We continuously strive to improve our transmission shop and our ET Global Group. Innovation is one of the key components of our business philosophy.  

ET Global Group is a the result of our passion to be evolve and contribute as much to the transmission industry as we can.  It started over 25 years ago with our shop, Eastern Transmission.  In the past 7 years it has bloomed into a company that still rebuilds transmissions, repairs drivelines and distributes premium components worldwide.

The individual elements of ET Global Group work in harmony and strengthen our ability to offer more resources to our clients and partners than any other transmission company. 

Combining our own experiences in the shop and the experience we gained working with hundreds of shops all over the world, patterns of needs emerged.  This drove us to create a business toolbox to meet those needs.   



Eastern Transmission is a family business with a Father and 2 sons that evolved from a small transmission shop to large optimized operation that is nearly 100% self-sufficient in all areas of the business.  Our successes and failures defined who we are.  Our ‘Always moving forward’ philosophy has enabled us to emerge as one of the premier transmission companies in Canada. 

The shop now includes Rebuilding, Installations, Dyno-Testing, Torque converter Rebuilding and a valve body department. Constantly expanding our capabilities to master all new technologies and challenges was key to being one of the first in Canada to work on CVT’s back in 2004 and DCT’s in 2010.

Our clients include dealerships, warranty companies & fleet management firms while maintaining a strong volume and variety of walk-in and referral business. 





Thanks to our team of dedicated technicians we have been able to build our client base and grow our business.

We aim to keep adding to our family over the next decade. 

Andrew Svetliza

CEO & Founder ET Global Group
Andrew has worked to grow the family business adding three new devisions to the group.

Stephen Svetliza

Owner Eastern Transmission
Stephen works with his team of technicians to service customers repair needs.

Marcelo Svetliza

Founder Eastern Transmission
Marcelo started the business and is still going strong after more than 25 years.


providing reliable solutions to build challenges


We are dedicated to redefining standards and providing the premium brands you trust on a consistent basis.


Delivering the exact same premium components every time ensuring your highest quality standard.


Enabling our clients to have a simplified inventory, less production stoppages and more time to focus on their business.


We are committed to developing and providing innovative products and solutions to the transmission industry. 

We tailor our services to meet your business goals!


Constant And Never-ending
Understanding our clients needs through our own experience drives our quest for innovation. If we are not moving forward we are moving backwards. There is no standing still in an ever evolving industry.

Getting the most out of the resources at hand requires change and evolution. Change can be difficult. We are constantly working with new and existing clients to help them take those small steps towards optimized inventory management  and rebuild processes.  

Standards in Rebuilding
Everything we do is lined up to set or improve standards in your rebuild process. We continuously aim to redefine the standard for quality and consistency.  

 Andrew Svetliza
CEO ET Global Group


Always Forward is the cornerstone that drove us to provide real industry tested business solutions that are enhanced by premium components to deliver a better vender experience to our clients


Our mission is to select and offer the best components available. Providing only the best available parts is a passion for us. We use everything we sell.


To provide the quality of service and products our clients will expect.  We enjoy working with clients, for whom quality, integrity and never ending improvements matter.